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    Hello everyone!!
    I visit the forum every now and then, finally decided to join it when I needed a bit of advice...

    I am an engineering student, and I develop android applications mainly relating to my research. I have had a G1 in the past, then a wildfire s, and then went on to a galaxy S II.
    My galaxy was stolen a few months back and I was reduced to buying a Nokia C1 <eeeek> due to budget restrictions. Right now my research is constantly requiring me to switch to an android device, and having an actual device instead of the android SDK is much much better when it comes to testing. The device *should* have an accelerometer and gyroscope as I need that for the application I'm working on.
    In my current situation I am thinking of either getting an android tablet or android phone. The two devices I'm looking at are Nexus 7 and Nexus 4.
    I will also use the devices as a GPS for my car. I *do not* use the internet while navigating, (I have offline maps, and traffic info is not available for where i live).
    I will use the device as a personal organizer. I seriously miss my SII as a personal organizer.
    I *will* use the following apps -
    i. Onenote Mobile
    ii. Dropbox
    iii. Springpad
    iv. Sygic (GPS)
    v. Jorte

    So if I can just take a tablet instead to classes where notes are not required, it would be much easier.
    I do not mind carrying around a tablet with me all day, I have a windows convertible notebook ( HP Elitebook 2760p) for note taking, but it's not that great for organizing yourself.
    I have a budget of $350 (including shipment from an international location to pakistan)

    Either I can buy the N7 right now, followed by a phone of around $150 after a few months (used or new). Or I can just buy the N4. What do you guys recommend?
    Thanks alot
    11-25-2012 01:54 AM

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