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    Hello all.
    I'm new here. I'm a long time iPhone user, and am ready to finally ditch my (tiny) iPhone, and go for an Android device with a larger screen. The Samsung Galaxy S3 was the phone that led me to that decision (Id seen a few co-workers & acquaintances with it, and was always impressed by its display). While investigating reviews of it, I became aware of the HTC One X+, and now consider this a contender as well. Its display is, by all critical accounts, superior to the one on the S3 (brighter, more accurate color). Its physical design is also more to my taste, and has better build quality than the Samsung. It has more onboard storage (64GB as STANDARD on AT&T!!!), and ships with Jelly Bean right out of the box(!!!). On paper, the One X+ seems to be the phone I should go for, just according to my preferences. I've gone to the shops a few times, to give each of these phones a play, and for some reason, despite the obvious material evidence stated above, every time I pick up the Samsung, I am unable to disqualify it! I pick it up, and the thing is, like, ALIVE in my hand! The One X+ seems a bit more understated (and Ive no problem with that, really), but a few issues HAVE presented themselves in the reviews Ive read:

    The One X+ lets you keep a maximum of 8 apps open at any given time. When you try to exceed that, it shuts down the oldest one. That seems a bit of a pain (though perhaps in practice, it wont be as bad as it may seem).

    Web Browsing:
    The One X+ reloads browser tabs every time you return to them. So, if youre typing something on a page (say, making a post in a forum, for example), leave that tab for a bit, then return to it later, all that youve typed will be gone when the page refreshes. That kinda sucks, and could possibly be a dealbreaker for me. I tested this behavior in the store today (not writing on a page & losing data; just opening up several tabs & seeing how it handles them). It refreshes EVERY TIME you return to a tab. Other phones do not do this. Is this something HTC can fix?

    The camera:
    Much has been said about the camera on the One X+. Most of it along the lines of Youd expect a better camera from this phone. Compression artefacts, grainy pics upon zoom, etc, etc. Most folks say that the camera on the Samsung is great. I dont really take a lot of photos with my phone, so perhaps I neednt be concerned with this. People always mention the camera on the S3 as a selling point, though.

    Those are the main quibbles. The web browser refreshing thing, though it may SEEM small to some, could really turn out to be a bit of a buzzkill for me (consider the scenario I presented). Otherwise, I LOVE the One X+, and was all set to head down to the shops, and make one mine! But now Im reconsidering. Should I let these things stop me? Any owners of the One X+ out there who can offer some insight as to the behavior of this phone? I would be most grateful for anyones input.

    Sorry to have gone on so long. Im kinda wordy like that
    11-25-2012 12:07 PM
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    I have an iPhone 4 and the one x and let me tell you that even though my iPhone is old it still does what every phone should do. Make calls, text and be mobile without much issues.

    The one x is better than the iPhone, but I have one with some wifi antenna and reception problems. I find this a little frustrating and I know that I can fix the wifi issues but not sure that much can be done regarding service reception.

    Everything on the iPhone works. It just plain works, from sticking in the car and syncing over Bluetooth, there are no issues. I've had some trouble with the one x in this department and that alone is a deal breaker to me
    11-25-2012 12:48 PM
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    Yeah, I hear you. We just want stuff to work correctly, right? I don't want to have to root the phone & install a custom ROM just to get what I consider to be basic functionality. I mean, if the browsers on our desktop computers don't behave in this way, why would the browser on the phone? I've lost data before via unexpected page refreshes (who hasn't?), and it's REALLY infuriating when it happens. This seems to be a known issue on the One X+. I love it otherwise, and want to consider it, but this could be the thing that makes me choose otherwise. Anyone else got thoughts? Is this not so bad in practice? Let me know...
    11-25-2012 01:41 PM
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    I switched to the galaxy s 3 ! A few days ago and honestly i love it! I havent used it long enough to help you decide but i have had either an ipod touch or iphone for the past five years! This phone just rocks! Not perfect but solid none the less!

    - - - Updated - - -

    I switched to the galaxy s 3 ! A few days ago and honestly i love it! I havent used it long enough to help you decide but i have had either an ipod touch or iphone for the past five years! This phone just rocks! Not perfect but solid none the less!
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    11-28-2012 03:10 PM

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