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    Hello! I am from Argentina!!! I am new in this forum!! Actually i have a BB SmartPhone but it is a sh*t. I have tried buying an android based phone, but i really can't afford it. This is because in Argentina the dolar is very expensive and the best phones' prices are too high. I want to belong to this community and interact with other people about android, which i considered amassing. Also practice mi english a little more Ja ja Ja!

    So i want to ask you an important questions:

    One week later i participated in a LIVE Test of an HTC One X phone (i was selected between 440 postulates) . I had spent an entire day testig the phone, with the HTC's people all over the city. Now i wrote a review about the phone(one day i will translate it at English if you want) and finally the people must vote ME in order to won that phone. I am very exited with the idea of winning an android device. So, here is my question because i don't want to make a mess in the forum in my first day:

    Where i can put (forum's topics) this link in order to help me with a simply "I like" from facebook?? I have time until Thursday
    Concurso Reviewers

    this is me while i was testing the phone

    An these are my competitors, I am the one in the right:

    Thank you people for your attention and collaboration
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    12-12-2012 01:29 PM
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    Welcome to AndroidCentral! I look forward to reading your review; and hopefully you win the phone! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed using Android so much, it really is great. Es posible que visitar Punta Arenas y Ushuaia el prximo mes para un proyecto cinematogrfico, estoy emocionado de ver Canal Beagle la primera vez.

    Mucha suerte de ganar el concurso!
    12-12-2012 05:05 PM
  3. diegogh's Avatar
    Ushuaia is amazing!! i am glad to hear that your are going to visit us.

    Here is a photo with me, the city and the Chanel

    Do you know where i can post my "concurso"?? Which topic may i use??
    12-12-2012 10:15 PM

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