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    Hello. I just upgraded my flip phone after about 5 years of good use. I now have a smartphone and it works great. The price is a bit more though. I just got a new case for the phone. It is similar to the pricey Otterbox but I like it a bit better and it was only $8 bucks! It has similar protection and feels great in my hands. Here is a link if you are interested. Samsung Galaxy Note II 2 Hybrid Hard Case Cover Skin Red Black w Stand Screen | eBay
    I also didn't know you couldn't use the text message program unless you pay for the text message service. I use skype so I encourage all my friends to use skype for texting.
    12-27-2012 06:44 PM
  2. Johnly's Avatar
    Warm AC welcomes to you.
    12-28-2012 01:07 AM

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