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    Hello. Today I tried to upgrade my samsung continuum from froyo to icecream sandwhich as I did with my fascinate. I used the same files but I use an SCH_I500 file for the continuum and it failed while my phone was still downloading so I unplugged it. Also my battery was out . I tried it again and then then the little message box for odin 1.3 said don't unplug and then it gave me 2 more messages and the bar wasnt moving and I unplugged it now the screen is black and wont turn on at all. Its noteen llit up . I charged it for an hour switched batteries and took out te battery and everything. Odin cannot read it . But when I plug it in my pc it says unrecognized device connected in hub port please help me what do i do.
    01-09-2014 07:57 PM
  2. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    I think you hard bricked your phone. The reason is, you flashed a ROM file that was not for your device. Unplugging the device in mid Odin can lead to bricking. You might be able to save it with a JTAG service.

    From a Sprint Moto X using AC Forums app
    01-09-2014 10:05 PM

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