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    I'm relatively new to Android smartphones. Fact is, I just got one five months ago, but being somewhat of a computer nerd I spent hours clicking and exploring, reading online to get myself up to speed.

    One of the first problems I saw and read about was battery life. While these devices offer stunning amounts of power and capability it comes with a stiff price on your battery.
    Here are some basic instructions as to how you can extend your battery, as a newbie, and without any complex operations.


    1. From your home screen, place your finger at the very top and drag down to the bottom of your screen.
    You will see a list of current notifications, (if any) but above that are icons aross the top of your new page.

    Typically they are - Wifi, Location, Sound, Screen Rotation and Bluetooth.
    If you scroll across to the right you will see more.
    Blocking Mode, Power Saving, and some other network icons. Don't bother with those right now.

    2. What to do with these icons?

    First off, how to control them.
    If you touch one, it will turn that service on or off. If it is colored it is on, if it turns grey it is off.
    If you touch and hold one of these icons, it will open options for that setting.

    3. Let's go through each one.

    Wifi - this consumes power. Touch it once to turn it off when you are out of range of a wifi connection. Eg., on the way to work.

    Location - this consumes power. Touch it once to turn if off if you are not using navigation apps, or need the phone to be pin pointed or tracked. Eg., most of the time leave it off until needed.

    Sound - you likely want to receive notices and calls, so should be left on.

    Screen Rotation - this doesn't consume a noticable amount of power. A handy feature to have when looking at various pictures or websites, it should be left on.

    Bluetooth - this consumes power. Unless you have a wireless bluetooth headset, or other device like the keyboard I'm typing on, turn it off.

    Power Saving - this helps save power. Turn it on. It will reduce the load on your processor and hence use less power, as well as reduce the frame rate of the screen to use less power, and disables haptic feedback. What is that?
    Haptic feedback is the physical buzz that your phone makes if you touch a link, key or icon. Don't need it.

    Notes on Power Saving

    If you touch and hold the Power Saving icon, you will be presented with a list of options.

    You can click to remove the check mark beside the following Power Saving options to customize Power Saving:
    CPU performance. Deselect to leave the CPU performance as stock.
    Screen Output. Deselect to leave your refresh rate as normal.
    Haptic feedback. Deselect to re-enable the touch feedback for your device.

    The rest of the icons are largely various specialized network settings and advanced screen options and for the average user, should be left off unless needed. Many won't need these services.


    Under the SETTINGS icon

    You should be able to find the Settings icon either on your home screen or perhaps on your Apps page.

    Touch once to open it, and you will see icons at the top of the screen again.

    Find the Connections icon, and beneath that the Data Usage tab. Touch to open.
    This is where you can control your cellular internet connection. Open the tab to disable it when not in use, (click the check mark to remove it from the Mobile box) and it will save battery power as well as connection charges if you exceed your data plan.


    The screen brightness greatly affects battery life. By turning down the brightness when possible it will extend your battery.
    You can do this from the first screen described above, or if you are already in the Settings page the same can be done as described below.

    To do so - find and click (or touch, depending on the terminology you are familiar with) your Settings icon.

    Go to My Device at the top of the screen, then the Display tab, and touch it to open options. You will find a slider to adjust your screen brightness, under the tab Brightness.

    There is also an option for Auto Brightness, but I largely wouldn't recommend it. It doesn't appear to work that well, and you have more control manually.


    These are some easy to do and very effective ways to extend your battery life.
    I have found that it takes some practice to move around and adjust these settings based on your surrounding environment, but is worth the effort.

    In the end turn off any services when not in use. Not using cell data? Turn it off. Not using Wifi? Turn it off. Don't need location services? Turn it off. Don't need a bright screen indoors? Turn it down. With these tips I've been able to extend my battery life by an easy 25% plus.
    Hope it helps!

    Adam Madigan
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    06-27-2014 12:18 AM
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