1. AndroidPhene's Avatar
    Hi All,

    Long time lurker and fan of all things Android. Looking forward to contributing to this forum positively as well as starting a new web site in the near future and YouTube mobile reviews channel!
    09-02-2014 07:46 PM
  2. srkmagnus's Avatar
    Welcome to the forums!
    09-02-2014 07:52 PM
  3. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    Welcome to the forums. In regards to YouTube videos and such, please make sure to read the community rules and guidelines. I have linked some in my signature.
    09-02-2014 08:01 PM
  4. AndroidPhene's Avatar
    Golfdriver are you a SEAL?
    09-02-2014 08:15 PM
  5. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    Golfdriver are you a SEAL?
    No. Just a high respect for them.
    09-02-2014 08:47 PM
  6. ffejjj's Avatar
    Lurker pfff, lol jk. Welcome to Android Central

    Posted via Android Central App
    09-02-2014 08:53 PM
  7. AndroidPhene's Avatar
    HTC to G3 huh? I remember when the DNA came out. It was such a solid phone but felt that it never got the traction is was hoping for.
    09-02-2014 09:00 PM
  8. UJ95x's Avatar
    Welcome to AC
    09-02-2014 09:13 PM
  9. neonworm's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central!
    09-02-2014 09:16 PM
  10. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central!
    09-03-2014 01:58 AM
  11. VW Maverick's Avatar
    Glad you are here.
    Stay as long as you like.

    09-03-2014 08:56 AM
  12. STARGATE's Avatar
    Welcome to the forums at Android Central! 🙋

    Where in NC are you?
    I'm in the capital.
    09-03-2014 11:09 AM

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