1. Saphira's Avatar
    I'm a recent convert and I really just want to thank you for all the info on this forum. I have been wondering about little things like switching between internet and quickly answering a text. Thanks to you guys hubby doesn't need to know how much time I'm really spending on this phone.

    I will always like the palm pre's OS, but I really love this phone. Just the screen size alone is great for older eyes.
    11-12-2010 11:11 AM
  2. kinster02's Avatar
    Welcome to Android central home of the Android army. I'm glad you finally got away from that little Pre which I also owned until I came to my senses on Jun 4 and got the Evo...now there's no looking back for me. Enjoy your Evo it will be hard to put down because I haven't yet.
    11-12-2010 01:03 PM
  3. drmarolf's Avatar
    I am also new to the EVO 3D. I upgraded from my original Palm Pre on Sprint on June 25, which is almost exactly 2 years from when I got my Palm Pre. I would have stuck with WebOS, but there is no new phone on Sprint in site...
    06-29-2011 02:58 PM