1. Xerrus's Avatar
    Hey all, been watching from the shadows for quite a while but recently decided to get involved with the sites i follow, this being one of the main ones.

    Don't own a smart phone *gasp*, i'm still looking for that perfect one that has everything i want from Verizon. I would have an Evo in a second and switch to sprint but sadly i seem to be in a black hole where i live with Sprint coverage so it just wouldnt be worth it.

    keeping my eyes peeled for that HTC Incredible HD / Mecha though, that looks to be the device i've been waiting for. Can't wait!
    11-15-2010 05:58 PM
  2. ragnarokx's Avatar
    Welcome Xerrus! It's definitely going to be an exciting time for Verizon in the next few months with new LTE phones coming out. Definitely a good move to hold off on the phone purchase for a little while.

    In the meantime feel free to browse the Apps and How-To forums to get a feel of what you're in for. See you around the forums
    11-15-2010 06:20 PM