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    hi all,
    i got fed up with hp/palm. mostly their hardware. i like to buy a new phone at least once a year, it makes it exciting.

    so when hp announced new phones to be released months from now, i jumped ship. i didnt make it a week after that announcement. i bought the htc evo 4g shift.

    i love it! its a breath of fresh air. i'll be honest though, its not as intuitive as webos. and that may be because im totally new to android. webos has some great strengths, and certain weaknesses. i am excited to be using android.

    some of my favorite features of webos werent included with the native software, i installed a series of patches that allowed me to have all my core phone functions at my fingertips, to save battery, etc.

    are there any suggestions for must have apps?
    ive been reading up on rooting the phone, i hope to do that soon. any advice?

    i am open to all suggestions to help me get the most out of the device. thanks for all the great forum topics ive been reading too. lots of great help out there!
    02-17-2011 06:28 PM
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    I used Palm, then handspring, then treo, then the Pre. Now happiest with Android.
    For calendar, use the Android app Jorte to display your google calendar and the layers of your google calendar. If you have palm calendar data, there are web sites that will convert the palm calendar to a csv data that google calendar can input.
    For your passwords / credit cards, etc. use SplashID for android: will sync with your desktop if you want it too.
    If you have palm to pre memos, try NOTE EVERYTHING, or just cut and paste your memo data to Google docs and use google docs to store the memos.
    To keep track of car info, use aCar to track car expense and service info.
    hope you like Android!
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    02-17-2011 07:38 PM
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    thanks artthiel ! i made the mistake of not saving my notes. but there werent much worth saving. as for the calender never used it much.

    what i want to know is this.

    how the heck can i automatically import my images from facebook to my contacts list. so my contacts have their facebook profile picture as my contact picture. webos made that part so easy.
    02-19-2011 06:03 AM
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    Welcome to the forums Biff.... just add your Facebook account to your Contacts and it will by default use facebooks profile pictures for your contact list.
    Contacts>menu>more>add account> Facebook.
    02-19-2011 07:27 AM
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    Hi, BiffTirkle.
    Welcome to Android Central. From a former Webos user as myself - you'll be glad you made the Switch

    Here are two posted "Links" that should make your transition a lot easier.

    Webos homebrewers to Android and The capabilities of your Android phone.

    02-19-2011 07:52 AM
  6. BiffTirkle's Avatar
    thanks again everyone. yesterday i rooted the phone. i downloaded a cpu manager. i just discovered live folders, i think i like them.

    already i am happy i made the switch!

    the only thing i can compare it to is mac vs windows. i have always used but disliked windows, more the corporate bs that is microsoft. ive loved linux, but never had the time to really learn it as well as id like to. and ive loathed mac. then i got a mac after doing much research. i figured it was time to try it.

    i have found that there are only a few programs i like in mac. 1. audiobook builder (i listen to a lot of books due to the amount of time i spend on the road for work) 2. macs built in disk utility.

    i find myself opening up vmware to use windows more often than not.

    i feel limited with mac at the moment. and cant wait to get back to using windows.

    there are more developers and support for android than there is for webos. once i switched it took a bit getting used to. it took me a while to figure my layout of widgets etc. im still learning quite a bit. but so far its awesome.

    webos was fun, it has a great support and community. but android is bigger, its got many more programs that i want to use.

    my favorite thing about palm was the touchstone charger. i think i can do without it.

    thanks again for all the good advice.
    02-20-2011 07:59 AM
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    Welcome Biff! Glad you're enjoying it!
    02-20-2011 08:13 AM