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    I'd been lurking around for several months and listening to the podcast for a few months before I registered for the forums a while ago following all the Merge and TB rumors. I have been really interested in those two phones, and am also slightly intersted in tablets because I think a tablet would be good for my mom, as she doesn't really know how to use a computer, and phone OSes are a bit simpler, though I think she and my sister are drawn to the dark side of Apple. I don't really see where a tablet would fit into my life at this point, but they're still neat.

    I'm Nick, I am finishing up my senior year of high school, and I live in the LA/OC area of Southern CA. I am also quite active over at the Tested.com forums, and am very interested in technology and Android, as I like tinkering with my tech. I use Windows 7 and Ubuntu 10.10 on my laptop, mostly because I like messing about with Ubuntu. I'm working on my eagle project right now, and it's really nuts right now trying to get it done. I'm currently hobbling along on a Motorola flip phone I've had for almost 30 months at this point, I think it was called the Adventure on VZW, and Costco stopped selling it right after I got it.

    03-15-2011 11:25 PM
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    Hi, nickb64.
    Welcome to introductions - it's always nice to introduce yourself to everyone.

    Enjoy the forum.
    03-16-2011 06:28 AM