1. afvasque's Avatar
    Although I am a complete noob when it comes to the area of mobile computing as I would categorize the Android realm, I actually have some extensive experience when it comes to software design and application development from an engineering standpoint.

    That's right, I am a MSEE and this is a new world to me. Therefore, with no much further for me to contribute, its square-one for this engineer to go back and learn from the posts of more experienced Android users.

    Awesome to be in this community,
    05-22-2011 11:46 PM
  2. SmokeCrawler's Avatar
    Welcome to the community!

    You'll find there are a bunch of us willing to help!
    With the info and knowledge floating around here I'm sure you'll get all you'll need.
    05-23-2011 12:33 AM
  3. NotJustAPhone's Avatar
    Welcome. Lots of information and helpful members so just dive in.
    05-23-2011 12:46 AM
  4. milominderbinde's Avatar
    avasque ,

    Welcome to the community.

    I too am a EE. You will love the zillion tweaks you can make right out to the box. Here is a Getting Started guide to walk you through. There are so many and often they are not well documented.

    Being at Android Central is like being in the WIld West. There is something new every hour.
    05-23-2011 10:54 AM