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    Hey everyone,

    I'm Danielle, I just switched from Iphone to Motorola Flipout to Samsung Infuse.

    I didn't really like the Flipout although I got it cuz I thought it was cute and it was free with my contract lol... but about 2 weeks later I gave it back and got the Infuse instead =]

    A very good decision made.

    I'm really loving Android, to me it's more user friendly than the Iphone was, and you can personalize it and make it yours without 'jailbreaking it'. See, I'm not as techsavvy as probably the rest of you are, lol... so I guess that might be why I prefer the Android. I don't have to learn how to hack everything to make it my own!

    Anyway, it's nice to join the Android community!
    05-23-2011 01:25 PM
  2. RUSH's Avatar
    Hi member..
    It's nice to see you on board. Welcome to Android Central.

    For additional tips & tricks tap on the link in my signature.

    Have a good one. :-D
    05-23-2011 01:36 PM

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