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    Wireless Imaging Intruder Alarm is a native mobile app born out of personal tragedy, when a home invasion took the life of a family member. Android camera phones offer an opportunity to make our world a safer place. A home burglar happens every 14 seconds in the United States of America -- and several hunderd times a year a life is taken in the event, and the number of rapes, assaults and property loss is excessively high. Anyone having excellent android programming experience and wishing to make a positive and lasting contribution to our quality of life as a society please contact me. As a participant in the project, you will receive a percentage of the proceeds from the Android market store which will be secured through a signed agreement.

    WIIA is an existing S60 app with several Android versions in the pipeline.

    It is time for something more than games and convenience apps. Knowing that you have contributed something to America that saves lives and improves our quality of life -- while getting paid through the Google Android Market Store should be time and energy well spent and rewards well deserved.

    This is an ambitious project with the goal of 100 million downloads over the next three years, in wireless subscriber markets of 5 billion plus globally and approximately 300 million her in America.

    To send a resume email robinson5444@gmail.com
    06-16-2011 03:21 PM

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