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    Yep - land of the standard 3-year contract & the world's most expensive data plans . But it's the perfect time for my contract to expire: HTC Sensation launching July 5th, & Samsung GS2 expected "soon". I'm gonna try holding out for the GS2, but I know it's gonna be hard once I get to see the Sensation up close. Other considerations available were the Atrix, Incredible S, or if I switch carriers, the Desire HD. If my contract would have expired last year I would have gone with the Galaxy S Vibrant.

    For the last two years, certain carriers were offering a 6 GB student data plan for $30, right around Aug-Sept. No guarantees, but I'm hoping that they'll do it again this year; if so, maybe the GS2 will be available by then. I've waited this long, I guess I can wait two more months. Until then, I'll continue living vicariously through AC and the AC forums!
    06-26-2011 03:04 PM