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    I'm not a hater or a troll or whatever else, but, I am getting frustrated with waiting for a headline grabbing phone from RIM.
    I would like to ask a few questions from people who know this platform. I have only used a BlackBerry smartphone, so my experience is all RIM.
    My main needs are text communication - be it SMS, email, IM (BBM mainly) or facebook/twitter. I don't make a massive amount of phone calls.
    I have to be able to use Wi-Fi as I live in a poor reception area for my network and although this is an issue, becasue of my heavily discounted broadband by having a mobile phone from them, I am happy to stay - as long as I can use Wi-Fi. I currently use the Wi-Fi for sending SMS, email, IM (BBM mainly) and facebook/twitter and the odd time I make/receive a call.
    I have 6 email accounts on my BB, although I could trim this down to 3 or 4 without too much hassle. And I have 2 calendars that I use all the time.
    I LOVE being able to customise the sound notifications as I am not a fan of the 'standard' tones, and I like to change regularly as I get bored with the same sound all the time. (I am aware that I would have to give up my flashing LED if I leave BB.) I also like the facility to place the handset into a different profile, i.e. louder with vibrate for outside, and no vibration with quiter volume for inside etc.
    I would like decent battery life (minimum of a full day on one charge)! The auto on/off facility is good too for sleep time.
    I have been able to see that the apps I would like to use are available (and them some), so, no problems there.
    Auto Text to add own words to a dictionary so that a few letters can change into the word I want it to is fairly important also.
    A good weather app with location based service is quite important as I travel around/stay away a lot in my job.
    The ability to get a lot of music on the phone would be nice (32gb pref) but is not a deal breaker as I currently use my iPod over a phone for music, plus the iPod behaves better with iTunes than any non-Apple product.
    Good facebook/twitter integration with the platform for adding pictures and getting notifications in a timely manner is quite high up the list.
    Multi-tasking to be able to switch between apps is something I use a lot also.
    Apologies if this is a lot of information, but IF someone can assist me it would be greatly appreciated.
    I also would like to apologise if I am just too deeply ingrained in BB and I offend anyone with my niave comments, but these are the things I feel are the main considerations for me at this time. My Bold 9700 OS6 is on contract and that contract is now ready to upgrade, and like most men out there, I am itching to get a new gadget/toy to play with.

    Many thanks in advance,

    Mark - the noob
    06-28-2011 04:38 PM