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    So, a quick overview. My laptop suddenly stopped recognizing my Nexus 10 while in the midst of transferring some files over. I decided to finally root. I used the cf-autoroot tool for Nexus 10 Lollipop. The last step of the rooting involves an automatic reboot. Now my Nexus 10 is stuck in the boot.


    theunlockr (DOT) com/2014/11/22/how-to-root-the-nexus-10-on-android-5-0/
    That is the guide I used, including the linked cf-autoroot. Sorry for the formatting, I don't have enough posts to post links.

    My Nexus 10 is stuck on the step where it shows the four circles moving around. Not sure if that's important.

    The cf-autoroot appeared to work successfully except for a piece in the middle that reads:

    Same problem. The procedure seemed to go well, except maybe the mounting failed? It says:

    - System
    - Cache
    --- Fail

    I tried using the tool several times on two computers, and did my best to update drivers directly from Google (it appears the drivers are all up to date).

    Edit: My Nexus 10 was on Lollipop.

    01-09-2015 07:14 AM
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    If you are still struggling then download Nexus Root Toolkit by WugFresh that will get a Nexus out of any problem and load the latest software with rooting if required.
    11-15-2015 06:49 AM

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