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    Hey there Nexus 4 owners!

    Nexus 4 Dock Sphere by MicahGanske - Thingiverse

    I got sick of waiting for Google to release N4 charging orb so I made my own and uploaded it to Thinigiverse. If you have a 3D printer, or have access to one, this will tide you over. It doesn't have wireless charging (obviously) but you can glue your usb cable in there and slap an NFC sticker on for a pretty nifty desk dock. And hey, at least you don't have to deal with the Play store for this one. Enjoy!

    01-28-2013 03:28 PM
  2. chocolate muffins's Avatar

    Sent from my Nexus 10 using Android Central Forums
    01-30-2013 10:22 PM
  3. swebb's Avatar
    01-31-2013 08:20 AM
  4. sonicresidue's Avatar
    It may not be a real orb, but anything made by 3D printing is win. It's that cool.
    01-31-2013 11:20 PM

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