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    I have a new Nexus 5 that I bought about 10 days ago on ebay. Everything was working fine until thi morning. After I connected my phone to my car charger as usual, my phone turned off and didn't turn back on. I tried charging it for a while but nothing happened. I tried the other solutions suggested with the power button and the volume button. Nothing happens when I press any combination. The only time I get anything is when I have it connected and I press the volume down and the power button. The red light at the bottom turns on for a few seconds but then it turns off. Also I tried one suggestion which was to press the volume down and power at the same time, and the insert the USB while pressing the buttons. This made the light blink but then nothing. Are there any other solutions. My computer doesn't recognize it either since it's off.
    05-16-2014 07:01 PM

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