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    So I added my lady to grandfathered unlimited family plan ***with 700mins***a few months ago and gave her my SGS3. Loved my gnex to much. Anyway, not realizing she talks on her damn phone so much I've been billed 3 months in a row for overages (she had friends and family that isn't available on my plan...and she talks to 3 people not on Verizon A LOT). So I just paid my last BS $190+ bill to Verizon and bought 2 16GB N4s. I'll be fine with the Tmobile $30 plan and she'll get the $50 plan. So, I'm pumped to get this new Nexus device and start flashing away, but I'm ten times more excited to save a ton of money Only take 3 months to recoup the ETF that was on one of the 3 VZW lines. Thank you Google for selling such a sweet device for $350 and making this a no-brainer! Happy flashing fellas!

    So now that I said that, anyone else think 4.2 really slowed devolopment? I flashed about 5 different roms yesterday, and ended back on spear's aokp linaro build which really hasn't had anything new in a while. Seems like every nightly on 4.0 and 4.1 had something really cool or something you'd at least notice. Half of the 4.2 roms still don't let you change the lockscreen wallpaper. WTF?
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    02-06-2013 02:19 PM
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    Not many crackflashers around here, unlike the gnex forum.
    May pick up once more folks see how much better the custom roms are than stock. The amount has picked up recently, and I think it's equal to the gnex.
    I been on baked for almost a month with trinity. It's solid with a good amount of tweaks.
    Like you, the main reason I like the n4 is the major savings in monthly payments over vz. Plus no stinkin contract.

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    02-08-2013 03:09 PM

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