1. obdeuce's Avatar
    i have just completed rooting my phone, after a decent struggle, and the update for jelly bean 4.3 just became available on my phone.the inopportune time of its appearance has kinda stolen my feeling of accomplishment, so i was wondering if i could flash the update some how without losing my root. if so, could you perhaps explain, or share a link to a tutorial. please?
    08-13-2013 10:09 AM
  2. digitalslacker's Avatar
    You'll lose root if you upgrade to 4.3. The previous methods for obtaining root don't exactly work in 4.3, there is a new method though.

    Two basic options.

    1) Flash a stock 4.3 ROM, then re-root. It's basically the same as the update but isn't technically as it's built from AOSP by someone that isn't Google.
    I used this one for a while. [ROM][JB][JWR66V] Nexus 4 4.3 stock v3 (deodexed, rooted, busybox) - xda-developers

    2) push the new 4.3 image down to your phone, then install a custom recovery and re-root. (maybe using a toolkit if you want). That'll wipe your phone though so have a backup offline

    The purists would say manually push the images, recovery and re-root. There's some value in knowing how to do that and that's the kinda stuff that Nexus devices were built for. You get better with practice. The hardest part is getting ADB working right and that's just a one time setup. chances are if you haven't changed computers it's still setup from when you did 4.2.2.
    08-13-2013 07:38 PM

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