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    A week ago my phone started transferring data like crazy in the background, on 3g or WiFi. Phones counter shows Google services framework and the network log app shows download manager, DRM protected storage and media storage. But I could not find any files being downloaded. All media sync, Google photos. Everything was off.

    After reading an xda post, I disabled a system update receiver using autorun manager. The data leakage stopped immediately but restarted after a few hours. I also tried removing my Google account but when I added it again it restarted. Finally I unrooted, went back to stock and took the 4.3 OTA and then rooted again. But I'm afraid to install 4.2.2 based roms fearing it will try the OTA again.

    Is this really caused by OTA? Has anyone else faced this issue?

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    09-06-2013 04:05 AM

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