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    Howdy! I am trying to find a ROM that has the following (in order of importance):

    -OTG support (I already have a micro-USB Y cable)
    -Android 4.4 with timely updates (CM nightly would be fine)
    -WiFi Tethering on T-Mobile US
    -LTE band 4 (re)enabled

    I know I can get OTG via a 'dedexed kernal' (?) and can get tethering working again with various tweaks. However, is there a ROM that has all of the above in it ready to go? I haven't seen one in my limited searches. Perhaps a way to easily modify an existing ROM to have all of the features?

    I have rooted the Nexus with Wugfresh's Nexus Toolkit before, and have rooted my Nook Tablet to put CM10.1 on it (what a nightmare), so I could handle the steps if they are well written.

    I would rather not 'build' a version of Android but instead use a ROM that is already set up to work. Anyone know of a good one? I am still on 4.3 at the moment. Thanks
    03-14-2014 09:02 PM

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