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    I upgraded from the Grip, which IMO is one of the best car mounts I owned. That changed quickly when Mountek came out with the Snap.

    nGroove Snap Multi-Use Car Mount for Smartphones and Mini Tablets

    I love the improvements they made. The design is simpler, meaning less movable parts and cables don't get it the way. Also, it's so much easier to install and the mount itself doesn't get lose* where you need to keep tightening it.

    *if you keep switching it from Portrait to Landscape.

    The best part of it all is I didn't have to buy a case so I can apply the metal sheet for it to Snap. My nexus 5 (naked) snaps into place and it's pretty secure.

    Too bad it didn't work on my 5G Apple 32GB touch. I was going to buy a case but honestly I hate them and just apply the metal sheet at the back. I'll post pictures later to make this clearer.

    Highly recommended!
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    03-22-2014 11:08 PM

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