1. ctgsocal#AC's Avatar
    The phone will no longer wireless charge. The Sprint repair store said to call Google. Google said do a factory reset. No change. Google said to call LG. No response from LG. Has anybody else had this issue? Any suggestions?
    05-14-2014 06:11 PM
  2. N4Newbie's Avatar
    Have you tried more than one charger?

    Have you ever removed/opened the back of the phone?

    What happens when you place the phone on the charger?
    05-15-2014 01:50 PM
  3. ctgsocal#AC's Avatar
    Did try other chargers.

    Found a post on I-Fixit about a contact in the middle of the back which can become corroded and or loose. Applied pressure to the middle of the back and now it charges.
    05-15-2014 04:10 PM
  4. planoman's Avatar
    I have been having this issue. Not sure but it seems since 4.4.4. When I put the N5 on the wireless charger it will turn off in a several minutes and I have to hold the power button in place for several seconds to restart. Anyone else?
    07-20-2014 01:38 PM

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