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    Hello everyone!
    Been reading online at some forum posts where people have taken a Qi coil, magnets and wood to create a wireless charging stand. Thought I'd have a go with an experienced relative and started on 14/02/2015 (exciting Valentines Day I know!) and then finished the next day.

    The first thing we did was drill a hole out of a jig piece of MDF using a holesaw to use as a guide on the actual wood I was using.

    DIY Wireless Charger Stand for Nexus 5-img_20150214_164633.jpg

    Didn't get any pictures of the process after but all we did was use a router in the wood to create the large hole, then drill 4 holes for the magnets to sit and then chisel/drill out a hole for the cable to sit in.
    Then we glued the top cover piece to the wood which the coil and magnets sit in.

    DIY Wireless Charger Stand for Nexus 5-img_20150214_183659.jpg

    We then left this overnight to dry with clamps and then got back to work.
    The first thing that we did was cut the sides and the top down to the correct size, but we had to do this blindly since us clever ones forgot to measure exactly where we needed to cut!
    After some precise cutting, we got to work on sanding the top cover piece down as far as we could to make the magnets stronger and the Qi coil reachable. We got really thin because we had an issue with the cable and thought that it wasn't getting close enough to charge. Turns out that the cable was a little loose. Pushed it back in and it works fine now!

    DIY Wireless Charger Stand for Nexus 5-img_20150215_142230.jpg

    Once we got the wood as smooth as possible with sanding, we put some glue on the bottom and stuck the base to it.

    DIY Wireless Charger Stand for Nexus 5-img_20150215_143911.jpg
    DIY Wireless Charger Stand for Nexus 5-img_20150215_144255.jpg

    We then taped it to hold it while the glue dries and got to work on the polish that we wanted on the wood. We had decided on a bee wax which looked nice and made the wood look really shiny and smooth. Test piece:

    DIY Wireless Charger Stand for Nexus 5-img_20150215_144937.jpg

    After the glue dried, we got to work on coating the charger stand in the bee wax. This took 5 minutes and the only thing which we didn't think about was the front because it's now gone slippery so might have to roughen that up a little.

    DIY Wireless Charger Stand for Nexus 5-img_20150215_165446.jpg

    And here is the finished product:

    DIY Wireless Charger Stand for Nexus 5-img_20150215_171146.jpg

    Only problem I have is that due to the magnets in the phone for use with the LG Cover (to automatically turn it on when cover opened), the phone isn't usable on the dock because it just shuts off automatically so I have to take it out.

    Photos of the phone on the stand:

    DIY Wireless Charger Stand for Nexus 5-11005648_1045940822089437_393916172_n.jpg

    DIY Wireless Charger Stand for Nexus 5-10984876_1045943855422467_1077161373_n.jpg
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