1. John-Smith's Avatar
    So I got my Nexus 5 today (YAY!!)

    Turned it on and got everything set up and played around with it, was very happy with it.. Then I realized that I forgot to unlock/root it..

    So I unlocked it and nothing, just stays on the boot screen. Restarted it, then did fastboot -w.. Tried it again and nothing, just stays on the loading screen. Then I relocked it and tried again.. Nothing, then I unlocked it again and tried again.. Nothing.

    I've tried probably a dozen or more times to wipe/unlock/lock etc and restart.. I have left the loading screen on 30+ minutes just incase and still nothing..

    I don't know what else to do. Any suggestions?
    02-04-2014 08:16 PM
  2. Paul627g's Avatar
    If you can get the device to unlock the bootloader I would grab the Google Factory Images and flash those to get everything wiped/reset and start over.
    02-04-2014 08:21 PM
  3. John-Smith's Avatar
    Yeah that's what I'm trying to do now. I'm not sure if I've ever adb sideloaded a factory image.. But I'm gonna try..

    It sideloaded the factory image very quickly.. I thought it would take a lot longer..

    The phone is rebooting now..
    02-04-2014 08:33 PM
  4. John-Smith's Avatar
    Okay.. This doesn't seem to be working..

    I used this method.
    How to Install Android 4.4.2 KitKat KOT49H Factory Image on Nexus 5
    Connect your device to PC using USB cable.
    Now turn off your Nexus 5.
    Now, boot into Fastboot or Bootloader Mode. To do so, press and hold Volume Up and Power button together until you see the Fastboot menu and START on top.
    Now extract downloaded factory image on your computer. Go to the folder hammerhead-KOT49H and then copy/paste all the files to your Fastboot directory.
    Now perform following task depending on your OS. All mentioned files located within Fastboot folder.
    On Windows: Run the file flash-all.bat.
    On Mac: Run the file flash-all.sh using Terminal.
    On Linux: Run the file flash-all.sh.
    Wait for the installation process to complete it, you may require to follow onscreen instruction in your Nexus 5.
    Once the installation process completed, your device will reboot automatically. The first boot usually take more time, so wait for it.
    Congrats! Android 4.4.2 KitKat KOT49H factory image is now installed and running on your Nexus 5.
    And my phone still stays on the loading screen.. I'm starting to get a little worried now....

    I'm gonna follow this --> http://forums.androidcentral.com/goo...e-restore.html
    And see if this gets me anywhere..

    It worked!!! Finally!
    Paul627g and srkmagnus like this.
    02-04-2014 08:46 PM

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