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    Every time I unlock my phone from the lockscreen, it brings me to this black screen for second or 2 and then to the application I was using before(ex. Instagram). This happens primarily when I put in the wrong pin or pattern on accident. My question is how can I remove this little annoyance? It happened when I was running Cyanogenmod, Omni, and PA. So I decided to un-root my phone and re-root it again, only to see that the problem is still there after a little while of using it. Currently I'm running a stock rom+unlocked bootloader+custom recovery(TWRP)

    [issue] LOCKSCREEN malfunction-screenshot_2014-03-30-22-33-25.png.
    note: the issue still occurs in safe mode

    Thanks and have a great day!
    04-18-2014 01:18 PM

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