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    So it's time to upgrade, I think

    I've had the Nexus 5X 32GB 2700mAh for a year (July 2016) and I'm always keeping a 6400mAh powerbank with me. I travel and hike, and I am on-call 24/7. I recharge on every occasion I have to avoid that low % stress.

    You might guess I want a more battery efficient phone, but with just as good front and rear cameras and software. I take lots of pics of food and snap/selfies with my black cats in low-light. It's what I do.

    I've had my eyes on Zenfone 3 Zoom, Moto Z Play, Huawei P10, but I try to keep the pricetag around $400-450 so I'd love to hear experiences of upgrading in the same price range without getting a worse camera. I also thought of waiting for the S7 to price drop or get a second hand one.

    What do you guys think would be a good upgrade?
    07-21-2017 05:38 AM
  2. dbulick's Avatar
    if you want battery the Moto z play is the phone. The camera is very underwhelming though.
    07-23-2017 09:07 PM
  3. smsmith1975's Avatar
    I'm looking hard at the LG G6. I know, probably won't get fast updates or updates at all, but there's some fantastic deals dropping the price down to $450. Reviews I have read or seen seem to indicate that the battery should get you through the day. The camera is supposed to be pretty good.

    The OnePlus 5 is also supposed to be pretty fantastic all around, if you can get over the "it looks like an iPhone" business.
    09-25-2017 10:08 AM

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