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    I've got a 5X that I use with Verizon. I have had it updated to Oreo. (Why do I always regret OS updates?!?!)

    Now that Washington is hands free state, like can't even hold phone, I use Google Assistant more.

    1) Something that has always happened, even before OS update, when Google tries to make a call in Google Hangouts Dialer it pulls the number up and then it disappears. (I realize this may be an app issue and not a phone issue.) I use Google Hangouts Dialer so I can make calls over Wi-Fi at home as service is always iffy.

    2) And the other annoying part is...how do I improve the Google Assistant? I swear there was one time I was driving and it was like America's Funniest Videos. Google: "What would you like the [text] message to say?" Me: Says Message and appears on screen and then disappears. Google: "What would you like the message to say?", this went on a few times. Or Google: "Would you like to send or change this message?" Me: "Send. Send it. Send" Google: does google search for "Send it" and video appears on screen.

    3) My phone gets so hot sometimes that it doesn't respond to finger print or even just a touch on the screen.

    4) Or sometimes (like last night) I hit the home button and everything disappears. All I see is my wallpaper. No icons, or anything. This has happened but usually not for so long. A minute or so before a crash notification of FB appears.

    I restart my phone, almost daily now. I had downloaded Word Cookies but just removed it to see if that helps. I've got about 8 GB left of memory.

    I am seriously considering getting a new phone and I really don't want to! (I got the phone in January!!)
    10-06-2017 11:58 AM
  2. gapi's Avatar
    Read Oreo is for everyone by Androidauthority.com
    10-09-2017 12:43 AM
  3. GSDer's Avatar
    You could always manually install the previous OS version if you were happier with that. Unfortunately you would then have to ignore all OS update notifications, and that would mean you'd be stuck with the last Security update that was released for Nougat.
    11-05-2017 11:28 AM