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    Hey Guys,

    You all, and XDA, have helped me countless times with everything Android, so I thought I would return the favor and knowledge (though I'm sure this is basic for most of you on here).

    The issue that I had and that I couldn't find an easy answer on pertains to modifying the build.prop file in the root/system file... by modifying I mean completely erasing everything in it.... this of course was not the intended purpose and my phone was now only booting to a black screen with the white google letters in the middle.... not good.

    So here's my exact steps and what I did to finally fix it!

    I was using ES File Explorer to edit the build.prop file in order to switch on Multi-Window Mode. ES would let me edit the file but not save it... so I saved a copy of the edited build.prop in the root folder and left it there to mess with later because I was having an issue, and still am, with allowing ES root privileges - keep getting an error: 'Sorry, test failed. This feature cannot run on your device.' I thought that a process on ES was hung up somewhere and that quick reboot would solve that issue.... and that's when sheer O M G W H A T D I D I D O happened...

    THE FIX / ROOT REQUIRED (spent sooo much time researching when the fix was sooo easy):
    - Nexus phones, thanks to WugFresh (wugfresh.com), are the easiest phones to manipulate if you really have no idea what you are doing. The Nexus Root Toolkit... easily one of the best programs ever that makes rooting, unrooting, sideloading, unlocking, locking, making-phone-bring-you-beer all easily possible with a few clicks... anyway - I downloaded it and installed it to root my phone a while back and used it to fix my problem.

    - You will need to install this Toolkit for the purposes of this fix. Follow the faqs on his site (wugfresh.com/faqs) for help, they are easy to read and follow, JUST MAKE SURE YOU READ FIRST! You will also need to download the exact build number that your device is currently running (developers.google.com/android/nexus/images?csw=1) and unzip... and keep unzipping archives until you have a folder containing a disk image of System among others.... and leave this somewhere for easy access.

    - Open the Toolkit, turn your phone on and boot into Fastboot/ Boot Recover Mode and then plug it into the computer, the Toolkit should recognize your phone. From here, things get real simple.

    - Find Advanced Utilities in the Toolkit window, then click the Launch button below it. A new window should open up...

    - Under Fastboot Flash click on System. Another window pops up, click OK.

    - Find the System image mentioned before and click Open. This should start the process of flashing the stock System files onto your device... and be patient, it's almost a 2gig flash and it takes time.

    - After a while, it should come up with some sort of YAY!/Success message...

    - Restart your phone normally and you should be booting into your phone in no time!!

    I really hope this helps some of you stuck in my position. I'm pretty happy with the fact that this worked and that it was soo easy. I read other threads where people had to completely reload their phones or ask another person to give them a copy of their NANDROID backup files sans personal data, which to me is a big hassle.

    Sorry if skipped anything - Like, or however this works, if you found this helpful!
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    05-22-2016 12:10 AM
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    Thanks, and welcome to Android Central! I moved this to the Nexus 6 Rooting forum.
    05-22-2016 01:25 PM
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    Thanks B!
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    05-22-2016 06:34 PM

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