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    I have just ordered a 6P and have never had a smartphone before. Only an old Japanese 2G/3G phone with badly scratched screen (may not be glass, but it was in my pocket all the time and I hear keys and coins are not an issue but dust is for glass).

    The phone will arrive here in Japan from the US in a few days.

    I am looking for BOTH a case and a screen protector and have a few overlapping questions. (I assume the case should also protect the screen as much as possible (by some sort of lip in the case of shells like the Candyshell) , but also to protect the screen I should use a screen protector.)

    First, I want to be able to take pictures easily with the case. It is quite hard on my iPad 3. Mostly I am considering hard cases like the Speck Candyshell, which on Amazon seems to get the best and most consistent reviews compared to the SUPS, the Spiegens, etc. But I am also considering a soft folio type case, of which I have only found two that seem worthwhile.

    My questions:

    1) For aboslute protection, including a lip to avoid the glass touching a flat surface, would you recommend the Speck Candyshell case? Would almost any screen protector work? My questions # 3 and # 4 are about specific recommendations.

    A second cased I have just discovered is the Rhinoshield Crashguard Bumper. Any views on this?

    2) I have also considered a folio case (A folio case with a keyboard by Targus has protected my iPad 3 for two years. My older iPad 1 shattered with no case after a drop of 1 meter in a toilet stall. )

    But there do not seem to be many folio cases. One, the Nexus 6P folio case by Google has been criticised for being nearly impossible to remove. Others have recommended the Stilt folio case: Nexus 6P Case Book Type aus Leder mit Clip von StilGut

    Has the Nexus 6P folio case been fixed? Does anyone know the Stilgut case.
    Nexus 6P Case Book Type aus Leder mit Clip von StilGut

    And would any screen protector work with either (especially if I am taking photos and the case is open).

    3) I hear that plastic screen protectors are for scratches and TG is for preventing breaking. Also Rhinoshield is for breaking
    I want to avoid both. Some say Rhinoshield is better than TG for breaking but prone to scratches. But their video seems to show it is strong against scratches.

    All in all what would you recommend. Does plastic give the screen enough protection against breakage?
    Is glass better? And if so which brands? Rhionotshield seems to be hard to break. And may be expensive to replace.

    Agains, the video on their site suggests it is ok.

    I have seen Icarez listed as easiest glass to install, but it looks harder than the Rhinoshield. What is the reality?

    4) For TG I hear there are wet and dry types. I am VERY afraid I am going to make a mistake. I hear people like this or that, but I want to avoid both scratches AND breakage. If it gets scratched, I need to remove and put another, And if I screw up in putting it on, can I damage my phone?

    Thanks and hope to hear your recommendations on screen and case combination as well as safety of using a folio case.

    paul in Japan
    09-19-2016 10:15 AM

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