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    I got this case as a review unit, but I have used ZeroLemon products since I had my Samsung Galaxy Nexus, then got a Nexus 6 & got that case, which wasn't as good in quality and lacked a large battery or quick charge. This Nexus 6P case is of great quality and I can tell they put a lot of effort into the design to make things right. Its very sharp in design and materials used.

    Zerolemon 8500mah Battery Case v2 review-img_20161116_071604.jpg

    Let me first say this thing is absolutely a monster. I respect that ZeroLemon makes these cases and some people complain and say these style cases are too big; if thats the case then don't buy it. But if you want a lot of extra juice and don't mind the size, this things great. I like to make note it is being designed with limitations of the non removable battery, so it is what it is due to design and I don't fault them for that. Removable battery phones make for a sleeker design and less height because they don't require the extra space at the bottom to plug into the case. The area the phone plugs into uses a Type C charger to avoid the use of going from a Type C to microUSB charger. So you can use your stock charger to charge your phone or this case. The flap that exposes the charger uses a sturdy design and covers the port when its not in use.

    This case is great, but if you like to keep your phone in your front pocket, this might be a little much. But if you want juice, you will have it. Me personally, I would find this case as a great companion/accessory to have. I would use it in the case of going to events/parties that I need more juice such as a family event you want to record a lot of video or take a lot of pictures. Or perhaps on a trip that you may not be around a charger and don't want to carry around a portable battery bank. This would make that easier and have everything all in one! But if your a power user who wants to have your brightness all the way up, bluetooth, nfc, etc all toggled on and play intense power apps/games this would allow you to do that! Me personally I can't kill this battery in a days use if I shut it off after its at 100%.

    Zerolemon 8500mah Battery Case v2 review-img_20161116_071652.jpg
    My wifes Nexus 5x next to this case
    Zerolemon 8500mah Battery Case v2 review-img_20161116_071828.jpg
    Its a little taller than 2 pencils high
    Zerolemon 8500mah Battery Case v2 review-img_20161116_071922.jpg
    Zerolemon 8500mah Battery Case v2 review-img_20161116_071935.jpg

    Bottom Line: Great case for certain times of need

    Positives: Great design / Great quality / TONS of battery
    Negatives: Its a little big for daily usage in your pants pocket
    11-16-2016 09:02 AM

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