1. ornthe11's Avatar
    When I try to listen to music on WiFi the songs constantly stop or skip ahead. I'm having this problem with all streaming audio apps(Pandor,Spotify, ESPN radio). They all work on LTE its just on WiFi that they don't. I'm able to watch YouTube videos and do everything else no problem on the same WiFi. Also my old s4 had no problem with these apps on the same WiFi. Anyone know what might be causing this?
    11-09-2015 11:40 AM
  2. JoeNM84's Avatar
    Weird. I streamed for a few hours from Play Music on Saturday and it didn't have any issues. Haven't tried Spotify yet.
    11-09-2015 11:56 AM
  3. TeamPowerstroke's Avatar
    Is it your home WiFi that is having the issue? Try rebooting the router/Modem, Maybe try a different WiFi somewhere else.
    11-09-2015 11:57 AM
  4. ornthe11's Avatar
    I've tried it on my home WiFi and the WiFi at my work. I've rebooted my home router but the same thing kept happening. I've also uninstalled and reinstalled the apps.
    11-09-2015 12:05 PM
  5. Logc2's Avatar
    I'm having the same problem with my 6p. I've experienced the issue on 3 different WiFi networks. Any ideas?
    11-12-2015 06:26 PM
  6. skinnytoo2's Avatar
    I stream slacker everyday at the gym. Never had an issue. It sucks, but a factory reset might help
    11-12-2015 06:28 PM
  7. Logc2's Avatar
    Haven't tried Slacker. My issues are with Tunein and Pandora. I'd hate to factory reset, like you said sucks.
    11-12-2015 06:36 PM
  8. Nonymous666's Avatar
    I have a lot of problems with Google Play skipping when I'm on LTE, even when I'm getting plenty of bandwidth. I'll start a song, and it instantly keeps skipping, even long after Google Play's grey buffer bar shows that it has downloaded a good 3 or 4 minutes of the song past the point that I'm currently listening too. If I pause and and then unpause the song, that will usually stop the skipping (I sometimes have to do that two or three times.)

    On WiFi at home, everytime I start playing a song, the song starts, plays for two or three seconds, then it skips once for about a second, and then it's fine for the rest of the song.

    EDIT: Oh, the above isn't unique to my 6P. Same behavior on my N5. i.e., I think it's a Google Play issue more than a phone issue.
    11-12-2015 07:31 PM

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