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    Today I received my aluminium Nexus 6P and I wanted to post my impressions. First, for people that haven't read other posts from me, I am an Apple fan and use Apple computers all the time. I have had all iPhones that came to market, and I am deep into the Apple ecosystem. Nevertheless, I was always impressed by HTC's designs, so I have had the M8 and the M9.
    I decided to get the Nexus 6P after reading all reviews and watching many videos.

    Build quality: I think the Nexus 6P has a very good build quality. It is easy to hold in the hand, despite its size. I have to admit though, the iPhone 6S feels more premium in the hand, by a very small margin though.
    Camera: I haven't tested a lot yet, but the few pictures I made were good. The camera software needs some tweaking though, especially the HDR processing must get faster..
    Sound: The speakers are good and very loud, but I prefer the quality of the M9 boomsound speakers. The difference though is not that big.
    Fingerprint: It works great, but currently there are no apps that I use that take advantage of the technology. Here the iPhone has a big lead, but I expect that to be only temporary. I hope developers will soon start supporting it.
    Ambient display: I love this feature. Just hold the phone in your hand and move it towards you and the display comes online and shows the time and incoming notifications. Really great!
    Display: The AMOLED display is very good. It is only a shame that to enable the sRGB mode you have to go to the developer menu..After a reboot the sRGB mode gets disabled again..Apart from that I like the display a lot.
    Android 6.0: I like it much more than the previous version. Having a pure Android experience is really great. I am a bit disappointed that Google OnTap is not available in Germany yet though. I prefer the OS to Apple's offering. I love widgets and the freedom we have in configuring the device as we want. I also appreciate the way Android multitasks...
    Battery life: It is too soon to talk about it..

    Overall, the Nexus 6P is a great device. It is very good in all areas, it does not excel in any though. It is for me the best overall smartphone of this year.
    11-30-2015 02:36 PM

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