1. AC Question's Avatar
    I live in a rural area and can only get minimal reception indoors, and then only if I stand by a window. I am looking for a repeater that will use an outdoor antenna, amplifier, and indoor antenna to bring the signal indoors. It will need to work with the Project-fi partners - t-mobile and Sprint. I am using Nexus 6p for voice and data and tether for my laptop.
    12-02-2015 08:26 PM
  2. Almeuit's Avatar
    I don't think there is a booster that works for both T-Mobile & Sprint unfortunately. Do you have wifi at home?
    12-03-2015 03:21 PM
  3. broussardfred's Avatar
    No - we cannot get dsl or cable out here in the country. That is the main reason we want to use the google phones to tether for our laptop. I know that T-Mobile has a Nextivity repeater that is available and I am trying to get Google support to provide or recommend the same for their service. I am sure that there should be a way to identify which carrier is dominate in my area to see which repeater should work here.
    12-03-2015 06:18 PM
  4. SRFast's Avatar
    Are you using Project Fi as your wireless carrier? Keep in mind that even though you are using Project Fi, you are actually using either a T-Mobile or Sprint signal. You need to determine which signal you're actually connected to at your location. I use the T-M 4G LTE signal booster and it works very well. Where I didn't have a signal before, I now have a "five bar" cellular signal. I am using a T-M SIM in my N6P and a US Mobile SIM in my N5. US Mobile is an MVNO using the T-M network, just like Google's Project Fi.
    12-03-2015 08:04 PM

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