1. bogellenong's Avatar
    So I recently purchased this phone for a little over a week ago. Its quite wonderful. A couple days ago I got a case from spigen. The case is very tight fit and transparent on the back. The fact that it is transparent (dust) and the fact that I just realized that a lot of my headphone won't work on it means that i have to keep taking it off from the phone like ever 2-3 days or so. The thing is the case is quite tight and I kinda have to peel it off from the phone. I'm not sure if the case can withstand that pressure when i am peeling it off from the phone. What do you guys think of it?
    03-18-2016 12:07 PM
  2. ShadyAleexx's Avatar
    I had my phone bend by the volume rocker and I had a case I'm not sure if that had anything to do with the bending but it could have. I got it replaced by Google and the same thing happened in the same spot to the one I have now just not as bad and I'm not using a case just a skin. There are plenty of other people who have had this happened, some of them use a case and some of them don't so there's really no way to tell. Just be careful when doing it.
    03-18-2016 12:41 PM
  3. anon(470989)'s Avatar
    Yes, what he said. Be very careful when removing the case as it has been shown to bend near the volume rocker.
    03-18-2016 01:00 PM
  4. bogellenong's Avatar
    Ah I see. That's pretty worrying then. I checked mine just now and there's no sign of bending atm.
    03-18-2016 02:13 PM
  5. bogellenong's Avatar
    Oh, I also have a tempered glass, on, don't know if that added any extra rigidity to the device or not. I know that that part near the volume button where the bend case keeps on happening is because there's literally nothing in there, both motherboard and battery ends just below that weak spot.
    03-18-2016 02:22 PM

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