1. azzurribaggio's Avatar
    I had to call Google Customer support for the first time tonight......GEEEEEZUZ what a bunch of idiots working over there.....I think I found a company with worst customer server than Comcast and I thought that was impossible.

    15 mins for the 1st level rep to find my email address to look up my account....I was like WTF is going on over there...then the correct dept that is supposed to help me is even worse, I told him my type c2c wall charger stopped working so I'm using the type c2a charger instead plugged into my laptop which is a slow charge...he asked me to plug in the c2a charger to another power block so that it will charge a bit faster...I was like why the hell did you even make me do this? Then once he figured it out he told me in order to replace my c2c wall charger he'd have to issue me an entirely new phone and I'd have to pay the $79 deductible from my nexus protect contract.....I'm like are you fuking kidding me???? BTW the charger is only 5 months old.
    So after 1 hour 10 mins of this guy putting me on hold he says they can issue a refund for the cost of the charger so I can purchase another one from the google store....why not just give me another one? Well this is Google's policy. BTW you cannot purchase the same wall charger at the google store, they have a wall charger but you cannot remove it from the power block unlike the one that came with the phone where the c2c cable plugs into a power block.....he says he needs to transfer me to another dept to get this taken care of....he told me he fought for getting me this refund! I'm like fuk you....this is basic customer service 101, if the product doesn't work (especially after 5 months) replace it! So they refund me and I ask the person if I can speak to her supervisor and what his name is, she says he doesn't have a name and I was more than welcome to post on the google support forum or take the survey at the end of the call, I say sure I'll take the survey, she hangs up and then I get dropped and never get a chance to take the survey.
    04-03-2016 01:16 AM
  2. Sammytheorangutan's Avatar
    Sounds like every conversation I have with Comcrap. Too bad Google is the same. Were you connected to an off-shore/out sourced call center? I understand everyone wants to save money and/or everyone in the world needs a job blah blah blah but I have yet to find an out sourced call center that is worth a penny. Nothing against the Thai or Pakistanis but they should get a job working for a company in their own country.
    04-03-2016 01:31 AM
  3. RHChan84's Avatar
    Comcrap is the worse. I hate dealing with them. But as long as the equiptment is working, I have no issue except crappy upload speeds.

    I dealt with Google service to get a replacement on a Sunday at 10PM eastern time. I was on hold for roughly 40 mins I believe but I just used a bluetooth headset while I played PS4 and once they picked up, I spent a total of 10 mins to get a replacement sent. In that 10 mins, I explained my situation, they looked at my account info then she sent a confirmation email for me to place an order but charges were a "hold" and then I ordered a replacement. She then explained the disclosure of what happens if I did not send my old one back. And then I hung up and went to bed.
    04-03-2016 02:38 AM

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