1. AC Question's Avatar
    I need to have certain saved bodies of text in the clipboard for easy access. Such as addresses etc.

    Where is my clipboard?
    07-20-2016 09:18 AM
  2. mehigh101's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central!
    Copy a text. Then long-press a text box and you should see an option called "clipboard"
    Best regards,Mikey. I hope you found what you were looking for.
    Sent from my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge SM-G935F.
    07-20-2016 09:48 AM
  3. SupermanJon707's Avatar
    Seeing as 6P is vanilla Android with no UI on top of it

    It actually doesn't have a clipboard built in but just a single use copy and paste memory like one's computer

    If you want that functionality you could try a different launcher, or a app..even some keyboards come with that as well


    Posted via the awesome Nexus 6P 111GB on T-Mobile :3
    07-20-2016 01:26 PM

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