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    I have noticed a couple of things on my phone recently. One has to do with Nougat, the other might just be a random temporary thing that has really only been apparent a few days.

    First: Notifications, specifically vibration.
    I like my phone to vibrate for calls and texts. I have the setting on Sound Settings "Also Vibrate for Calls" enabled. However, it seems that every time I silence my phone (which does need to happen), when I turn back on my ringer, the vibration setting is disabled and I have to re-enable it. This is kind of stupid and I don't remember this being an issue with Marshmallow. Thoughts?

    Second: Group MMS messages.
    They seem to just hang up and say there is a problem with the download. Over half are not downloading. I did some digging online it some people have had luck with rebooting their phones. I did that a couple of times with no luck. This was never an issue before, so I'm hoping it's just a random fluke.

    The vibration setting problem seems like it might be a bug and something I'm stuck with. The group MMS problem doesn't feel related and I'm hoping will resolve itself naturally.

    Would love to hear if anyone else has figured out a way to keep the vibration setting from disabling
    10-02-2016 06:18 PM
  2. N4Newbie's Avatar
    I assume you are silencing the phone by driving the volume all the way down.correct?

    Try instead Do Not Disturb mode. Drag down the top bar and tap the grey circle with the slash through it (just left of the battery icon), then choose an appropriate selection. See if that works for you.

    As to MMS, who is your carrier? Have you verified that your APN settings are correct?
    10-02-2016 07:05 PM
  3. goadamn's Avatar
    RE: Volume. Sometimes I toggle it to silence via the side volume up n down buttons. Other times I use the Do Not Disturb toggle switch. Sounds like what you are saying is that when I turn it down via the volume buttons on the side of the phone, that disables/changes the "Also Vibrate for Calls" setting. I'll see if your suggestion resolves this! Thank you =)

    As for the MMS, I think I just figured it out. It has something to do with the Opera web browser VPN that I installed. It all started after I installed that and now that I have disabled it, things are working. There is some tweaking to do with that I believe...

    Woohoo for not being Nougat's problem! =)
    10-02-2016 09:46 PM

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