1. StumpyDaGr8's Avatar

    I just got the Nexus 6P and loving it so far. I'm coming from a Note 4 and wondering if there is any way to sync only Google contacts with phone numbers. I have like a few thousand "contacts", of people I sent an email to like once but I don't need those to sync to my phone, is this possible?

    Or a way to only show contacts on the phone with phone numbers without using a third party app? Thank you.
    12-28-2016 07:10 PM
  2. nomzamo999's Avatar
    Try the SyncMe app. It's pretty good for that.
    12-28-2016 07:18 PM
  3. GSDer's Avatar
    I didn't see anything in the app Description or screenshots that leads me to believe that it supports what the OP is looking for, but then I haven't actually used it, so perhaps they just left that information out.

    OP - you could export all of your contacts as a CSV file (there's lots of apps for that), open it in Excel on a desktop, sort by the field that you care about and delete the rest, then delete all of the contacts in Google and import your new list. Not as simple as you'd prefer, but doable.

    I thought the Phone app on my Samsung Galaxy S3 allowed me to only display contacts with phone numbers but the Google one doesn't.
    12-28-2016 11:19 PM
  4. GSDer's Avatar
    Contacts Optimizer https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...lson.optimizer might do what you're looking for. The Description makes it seem like you can flag 'incomplete' contacts for deletion. (Note: I haven't used it.)
    12-28-2016 11:37 PM

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