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    Anyone here have any experience with reassembling the 6P?

    Initially I took mine apart only to replace the battery. My screen had a small crack that went across the top right corner but I didn't mind it because it didn't affect the screen. However, my first attempt to remove the aluminum casing ended up cracking the screen in other places so I was forced to by a new display panel.

    Anyhow... I replaced the panel and the battery and figured I was home free. Not.

    I re-installed all the components on the new display assembly and when I attach my charging cord, the charging icon appears on the display. So I know the new display is working.

    However, when I try to snap the rear metal casing back on, I cannot for the life of me get all the clips to to snap inn and I am afraid to apply to much pressure for fear of cracking the new display. Because I can't fully get the case on, the power and volume buttons don't seem to engage fully and they feel squishy with no feedback and I can't manage to engage the power button.

    I disassembled the components and reassembled to make sure everything on the board was in place nice and tight but something seems to be blocking the casing being able to snap back on.

    Anyone know how to power on the 6p without an actual power button?
    How much pressure is usually needed to get the rear metal casing back on? The YouTube videos appear to apply very little pressure. Any suggestions here?
    09-02-2017 09:44 AM

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