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    Dear Android Experts,
    I am trying to get my Nexus 6P to read multiple pages of a Kindle book without having it stop at the end of each page.

    I go into Talkback mode using the accessibility settings. When I am on the Kindle page I want to start reading from the audio prompt tells me to "Swipe Right and Double Tap" to start continuous reading mode.

    About a month ago I was able to make this work. The Kindle showed some odd behavior for a couple of minutes. The kindle would quickly advance to each page one by one with a beeping sound as the page changed. When the kindle got to the last page of the book it would then start to read the entire book aloud without stopping at the end of each page.

    Now I am trying to re-create this behavior and for the life of me I can't make it work this time. It is particulary frightening that somebody who progams features for the disabled thinks this command is user-friendly. If this is user-friendly then a rabid Doberman pinscher is a good pet choice.

    Can anyone help me to access this command again OR re-program the "Swipe Right and Double Tap" to something less like torture?
    Best Wishes,
    Phil Truscott
    10-15-2017 10:00 AM

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