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    Hey to all,

    Anyone else still use the Nexus 6p like I do at times? I absolutely love this phone. It's always been one of my favorite devices. I've got a new battery on order for mine as I write this as my device sadly began to start shutting down at like 50 percent battery level. I'm currently looking for a 64g silver or 128g silver if anyone out there has one. Let me know. I have brand new tech I can trade of course. Mine is only a 32g and I want a 64g or 128g in silver but it doesn't have to be silver.

    My other device I just got a deal of a century on brand new sealed in box from best buy for only $300 is a Coral Blue Samsung S8. I used to own the Arctic Silver around its original release but I do a lot of tech reviews and thus go through a lot of flagships. I decided to save some money this go round and opt for a older model flagship. What happened was I had been treated so poorly at best buy and I had ordered the LG G6 on sale for $300 but I actually had to seek the manager out just to get some help and I specifically told him I wanted the silver model. He had an attitude and ordered me the black. I was not happy but I was going to keep it. About a week went buy and I just kept brewing over the terrible customer service so I called the store back and I spoke to a different manger who was incredibly nice and he told me to come back over and he'd take care or me. He ended up exchanging me evenly and giving me the Coral Blue Samsung S8 for only $300!! I was in utter shock. Love the Coral Blue too. I actually found a older model Zagg curved glass screen protector that actually worked perfectly zero loss of touch sensitivity too and to areas that lifting. I will attach some pics. It was the last Coral Blue S8 he had in stock. Basically he gave me a $500 dollar on sale S8 for $300. I was and still am more than thrilled. I had forgotten how awesome the S8 actually was. So far ahead of it's time much like the Nexus 6p was and still is excluding the crazy battery issue.

    So I plan my next review and purchase to be one of the two Samsung S10 models. If I end up keeping the S8 5.8 inch then I'll go for the S10 Plus as I like to keep a smaller one handed device as my daily grinder and a larger screen device as my media consumption device. I have thoroughly enjoyed the heck out of this Coral Blue S8 even if it does have the 835 snapdragon which I will say I can tell a marginal difference between the nexus 6p 810 and S8 835.
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    04-06-2019 02:10 PM

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