1. schmety's Avatar
    Hi !

    I'm new owner of Nokia 6 and also new to Android platform (windows before).

    I like to keep things simple and i don't want to run tons of applications in background, so i enabled System UI Tuner-Other-Power notification controls.
    I have set all my applications to 0 (block all notifications from the app), cause i like to check applications manually, but still, time to time i can hear , beep sound+vibrate notification sound and i don't know which application or anything else is causing this.
    I also can't see on my display (no message) which application or what notification is, just short sound+vibrate (like at notifications).

    What else can i check?
    Any suggestion ?

    08-26-2017 03:53 AM
  2. sure why not's Avatar
    Recent app button in lower right corner will show the application on top.... because it is the most recent.

    Really, you need to understand that Android is fine with apps idling in the background. In fact, it probably takes more power to close and reopen them than to have them idling all day.
    08-31-2017 06:36 AM

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