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    Hey there, I just got the Nokia 6 and put a micro SD card in there to expand the storage. I chose the option to format the card as internal storage rather than external. Did I do the wrong thing? I want to put lots of music on this phone and some apps. The storage indicator shows the main storage is almost full and just a little bit of external SD storage has been used.

    I've now read that this phone needs alot of stuff to be on the root storage to run properly. What do I do now? I want to keep adding more music files on here.

    01-18-2018 12:19 PM
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    When you "move" an app to the SD card, small pieces of it get moved. For each piece, there's a link left in internal storage, so if the pieces aren't a lot smaller than the links, you aren't saving anything.

    But if the card is formatted as internal storage, you have no choice where apps go - all of storage, the eMMC in the phone and the SD on the card, are one big block of storage, and Android decides which goes where.

    Did you do wrong? I think so. If the phone doesn't have enough internal storage for all your apps, you need a phone with more internal storage, or fewer apps. SD cards have a limited number of write cycles, and an app moved to the SD card may write to where it's stored. Also, if the card fails, your data could be gone.
    01-18-2018 04:57 PM

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