1. JanL65's Avatar
    I am trying to find out, before buying second-hand (nvidia shield 2015).
    What AndroidTV version is the latest downloadable for this unit now (june-2021)?
    06-08-2021 03:37 AM
  2. Preciouskt's Avatar
    Be careful with the updates. It seems everytime they put out updates there is an issue. I guess it's best to update before you put anything on it. Probably safest noe to update it. Right now it is 8.2.3 newest version to date.

    There has only been one update that I did not have problems. Most people end up doing a reset. I love my shield but I have it loaded with apps, programs, games it is loaded up, but I have the pro with 500 internal storage so doing a factory reset would make me loose things I could not gain back. It seems a lot of people end up doing s factory reset. I would stall on any updates, let them work out the kinks.

    I will give you some advice if you do not already know this. Speaking as if you are a newbie.
    If you ever get black outs, skipping or going in and out, freezing, go to settings:
    Then device preferences, storage, internal storage, cache, then clear cache, say ok.

    It took me forever to figure out how to fix the black outs etc. So now I share this. It was said that it could clear your Netflix login etc and perhaps shows you might be watching etc. Personally I have not had that issue but just be aware just in case but no matter what you cannot watch it if it blacks out, goes in and out and freezes etc anyway. You can just sign back in of that's the case. It's well worth it. It has fixed it fir me numerous times. If you are a newbie keep this information for later as eventually it will happen. I love my shield, I hate the updates. I complained on Nvidia shields forum about the updates and how took mine out, they banned me for life. Hmmm strange huh. Guess they do not want reoccurring customers. It's awful costly to be wiped out from an update. So I wont buy another but I sure loved it though. Hopefully I can fix it sonehow. Good luck
    08-22-2021 06:30 PM

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