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    Hi all,

    Did some searching and couldn't find anything recent and relevant. Just set up my new Shield TV on Friday and everything was working great with it. The native Netflix app was working great and now all I get is a big red x with audio playing in back. I'm not streaming 4k, my TV doesn't even support 4k.

    I've tried factory reset, casting from my phone, a different version and nothing is helping.

    I did sideload the Netflix Mobile app and that seems to be working, but is not as smooth feeling as the native app was. Why would one work and not the other, I'm slightly confused?

    I made the push to get rid of cable and now this one little nuisance has put me in the doghouse until I can get it fixed. Sideloader work around is too much work for the Fiance lol.

    2017 16gb Shield

    Thanks in advance.
    06-20-2017 06:54 AM

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