1. Cass1's Avatar
    I have a 2TB HD attached to my Nvidia Shield used for extra storage, on start up the Shield checks the drive for what seems like ages before the USB Connected message and the Shield is ready to use.
    10-09-2019 02:40 AM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    Plug the drive into a Windows PC and run (in a cmd window opened as administrator) chkdsk D: (or whatever letter the drive is). See Using chkdsk to fix a corrupted SD card.

    If the drive has bad sectors (or is formatted as NTFS) it can take a long time for Android to scan it.

    (Or, if you know Linux, you can install a terminal and busybox and run fsck.)
    10-09-2019 01:11 PM
  3. Cass1's Avatar
    Cannot do that as the drive was being used as adopted storage so can only be read by the Shield.

    I have removed it now anyway, going to get something something smaller as in a flash usb drive.

    Thanks though
    10-12-2019 11:15 AM

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