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    Do NOT flash this if you are currently on 4.2. This is to be used to Custom ROM Development or recovery of a Tegra Note 7 by EVGA on Android 4.3.

    Stock Rooted 4.3 for EVGA Tegra Note 7 - Odex
    Stock Rooted 4.3 for EVGA Tegra Note 7 - De-Odex

    Move the .zip to your Internal SDcard. Do not put it on your External SDcard.
    Flash my Clockworkmod Recovery if you haven't already.
    Boot into Recovery. [adb reboot recovery] [Or see the Instructional video to get into Recovery]
    Wipe data (this also wipes Cache)
    Install .zip (from /sdcard)
    Go under /0/
    Choose the location where your .zip of choice is and it will install.

    Thanks to Chainfire for SuperSU and RootJunky.com for doing an instructional video.
    01-12-2014 08:06 PM

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